MEGA, a complete range of utility and commercial vehicles, DIESEL or ELECTRIC
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Your ideal working partner ? The Mega utility vehicle range with its numerous advantages!

  • Robust, aluminium, polyester, ABS, materials that are corrosion resistant. ABS body panels, bounce back into form after most minor impacts
  • Versatile, the Mega Multitruck range offers a choice of body types, engines and equipments.
  • Can be adapted to suit your business, equipped with an automatic transmission with variator, Mega Multitruck provides the operator a great flexibility of use and an exceptional comfort. The electric versions enables trips to be made in complete silence.
  • Ergonomical and accessible, the Mega Multitruck cabin is the most spacious of any vehicle in its category. Access is easy as the step up is very low, a flat floor and the absence of wheel arches.

For the skip tipper the low loading height for the skip (1m) makes loading and unloading operations very easy

  • Practical. The side panels for the Dropside can be lowered or removed. With the addition of the cage option the operator has available a loading capacity of 3m3 allowing him to optimize his journeys. The hydraulics on the Tipper enable safe and easy unloading.
  • Functional, a flat floor and gear lever on dashboard enable the operator to get in and out on either side of the cabin, as the work demands. The storage area under the flatbed has a capacity of 1m3 and offers safe storage for the operators tools. The cabin is comfortable, and is equipped with a large number of glove compartments and storage areas for small tools or personal items.
  • Accessibility: A champion ! the low loading height 38 cm (diesel version) simplifies all loading and unloading operations. The side door option offers additional flexibility.
  • 3m3 volume (van version) the Mega Multitruck can receive standard palettes. The PVC cover (option) offers a wide versatility as well as maintaining the storage area under the flatbed (1m3)
  • Economical In the electric version, Mega Multitruck provides a flexibility that is necessary for travelling around closed sites. Very economical it is the ideal solution to your multiple needs (mail deliveries, maintenance, repairs...)
  • Publicity: A surface of almost 5m2. The smooth side panels on the van provide the ideal surface to promote your business. Mega Multitruck: the ideal promotional tool.
  • No licence: Available in Dropside, or Van versions the Mega Multitruck is also available in a no licence versions (in France) under the light quadricycle category.


  • Mega Multitruck is an excellent partner for all your deliveries in city centres. Adapted to local regulations as regards the "last kilometre".
    From 45-75 km/h Mega multitruck integrates perfectly into urban transport. Compact, functional: Particularly at ease in narrow streets, easy to park, Mega Multitruck can easily navigate the pedestrian streets safely.
    Loading height, payload, volume, side door are all indepensible functions for an everyday intensive use.
    Mega Multitruck can carry up to 3m3 of rubbish.
  • Ecological: Mega, the utility vehicles that are equipped with engines that respect the environment, emissions levels, CO2, noise... In partnership with Kubota for the diesel engines and the most renowned specialists for electric motors, Mega has developed a wide range of engines, that all have in common a low fuel consumption and the lowest CO2 emissions of its category.
    77.9 g of CO2 per km, an absolute record from Mega

Many companies have chosen Mega to be their partner both nationally and internationally.

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