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Company History

1983 -  THE BIRTH OF AIXAM; Having taken over AROLA the Company began an adventure that is a continuing success story. Since 1987 Aixam has been the european leader in the manufacturing and distribution of "no-licence" cars with a market share of approximately 40% and a network of around 110 distributors.




1984  - THE FIRST "NO LICENCE" AIXAM; Aixam begins marketing its new "no licence" car (maximum speed 45 km/h) and completes its range a year later by launching the first heavy quadricycle (maximum speed 75 km/h with B1 licence).


1988 - FIRST CRASH TEST SUCCESS; AIXAM is the first and only "no licence" car manufacturer to have successfully been put through and passed the Crash Test (Automobiles standard) even though there is no legal obligation that imposes this. This innovation had become necessary with a view to improving the safety and comfort of the drivers.



1989 - - THE FIRST AIXAM UTILITY VEHICLE; Aixam continues to lead in innovation developing a new range of utility vehicles equipped with 500 cc engines.


1991 - DEVELOPMENT OF THE FIRST TWIN CYLINDER ENGINE; Once again Aixam makes the headlines by launching the first twin cylinder liquid cooled engine.


Logo Mega


1992 - THE BIRTH OF MEGA. 10 years after the creation of Aixam the company becomes AIXAM MEGA with the creation of a new brand of vehicles developed in France: MEGA. This creation is the result of a desire to diversify into the conventional car market. The objective is to add value to the dynamism and skills of the Aixam team.



- LAUNCH OF THE MEGA CONCEPT FIRST GENERATION; In its quest for diversity MEGA develops a leisure vehicle destined for the general public that has an exceptional modularity, enabling the user to adapt the vehicle according to his needs, as a Pick Up, an estate version or a convertible.





Mega track - THE MEGA TRACK; Mega launches its first prestige vehicle in four-wheel drive equipped with a V12 Mercedes engine that develops 395 hp.



Saison 1992 / 1993

FIRST PARTICIPATION IN THE ANDROS TROPHY; MEGA launches into racing on ice piloting of its cars to the champion drivers. These drivers very quickly distinguish themselves in the Andros Trophy and the Chamonix 24 hours race.




1994 - FIRST VICTORY IN THE ANDROS TROPHY WITH FRANÇOIS CHAUCHE; Philippe Gache and MEGA Ice win two more championships in 1996 and 1998.

Mega monte carlo

1996 - THE MEGA MONTE CARLO; MEGA takes over the Monte- Carlo Automobile Company based in Monaco and develops a new exceptional Touring model.




1997 - AIXAM-MEGA REVOLUTION; AIXAM MEGA revolutionises the "no licence" car industry by introducing new technology, enabling notably the unique manufacturing of aluminium chassis that are protected by patents.


mega concept

1998 - MEGA CONCEPT 2nd GENERATION; Production of the MeGA 5cv convertible and modular, available in a saloon car version or a Utility version







Mega au dakar

2000 - FIRST PARTICIPATION IN PARIS-DAKAR RALLY; Driven by stephen Peterhansel the Mega Desert finished second overall again demonstrating the "know how" and innovative spirit of the AIXAM MEGA team.






Mega ultra leger

2002 - MEGA INNOVATES WITH THE ULTRA LIGHT COMMERCIAL VEHICLES; Introduced at the Paris Motorshow in september 2002, the MEGA Ultra light commercial vehicles are adapted for professional or local authority markets.







Mega benne a dechets

2006 - MEGA EVOLVES WITH ITS RANGE OF COMPACT UTILITY VEHICLES; even better! MEGA adds a new model to its range of compact ultra light utility vehicles. The Multitruck 2nd generation benefits from a very spacious cabin and new accessories.







Mega ecity

2007 -  - MEGA e-City: AN ELECTRIC PASSENGER VEHICLE; A clean, urban, compact vehicle perfectly suited to a city use. Naturally eco-friendly.









mega worker

2008 - MEGA WORKER: A VERSATILE AND RELIABLE WORKER; 100% pure electric it complements the Multitruck range through its towing capacity and increasing payload.






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